Surgy Stop Motion Puppet


“Adventurous, clever, and good-hearted, Surgy is a young robot that represents the spirt of creativity.”


Surgy is more than a company mascot; he is literally the personage of creativity incarnate. He stands as a symbol of inventiveness, imagination, and ingenuity. His credo is, “To do art because it makes you happy!”

How was Surgy created? His career began when he starred as the lead protagonist in the failed comic series Down Below; but mild-mannered artist Eden Sanders endeavored that he would not be lost to the annals of abandoned art projects! He hired Grasshopper, a humble Cyclops Samurai, to bring Surgy into reality by building him from the ground up.

Grasshopper’s endeavors are documented in the series Project Surgy, click here to watch!

Though much of Grasshopper’s personal construction memoirs have been kept confidential, Surgy’s development documentation has finally been released to the public! Translated into visual images from Grasshopper’s memory feed, enjoy this complementary Surgy manufacturing gallery below.