Rogue Stormtrooper Cosplay


Trained from birth, Stormtroopers are dedicated to a life of discipline and loyalty to the Galactic Empire. But beneath the imperial flag exist a select few who have the willpower to refuse service under The Emperor’s mighty will. Most of these free thinkers devolve into defectors, or even traitors, but the rare few bravest amongst them rise up to become rebels. 


Not long ago I decided to take a crack a cosplaying and created my own persona, “Lyferikson, the Rogue Stormtrooper.” This costume was mostly constructed out of old sports equipment, a handful of craft foam, and an excessive amount of hot glue, but eventually evolved into a cold-blooded galactic masterpiece. And the best part is, it only cost $130! (Excluding the original cost for the helmet.) 

Take a look at my construction process below: