Custom Kanohi

Hand Painted Bionicle Masterpieces

Transforming classic Lego heroes into never-before-seen territory

Here are the latest updates to a long line of custom Bionicle figures! Each one of these small Lego pieces were hand painted and weathered. All of these masks have since been auctioned off online to Bionicle fans around the world. 

Live streams of the painting process can be found here:


Learn more about Lego Bionicle here:


Custom Painted Bionicle Mask

Taking Bionicle into the Next Era,

Custom painting a Lego Bionicle Hau mask!

Lego Bionicle was one of the hottest toys of the early 2000’s with a series that spanned for nearly a decade. Today, I custom painted one of the Toa hero’s masks to make it appear rugged, rusted, and worn. After an hour of painting, the final product was finished!

You can view the final photos here: 

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And you can also watch the live stream for the painting process here: 

Ashen Hau Live Stream

Keep on keeping on!

Stunning Bionicle Illustrations

Stunning Bionicle Illustrations

Classic Bionicle toys brought back to life in stunning illustrations!

In 2001, The Lego Group unveiled to the world a new league of action figures called Bionicle, cybernetic heroes on a quest to save their doomed island from the clutches of the evil Makuta. The series was so popular, it single-handedly saved Lego from a 10 year financial crisis. 

Nearly 17 later, this Lego fandom has stood the test of time, with fans worldwide continuing to celebrate the ingenuity and sheer coolness of the Bionicle saga. 

Today, I brand myself as one of those childhood fans, and contribute to the phenomenon with illustrative recreations of the original toy heroes that started it all. Enjoy!

 Click to enlarge:

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And now, for the first time ever, these illustrations are available for sale as art prints! If you want to get your hand on a copy, head over to the Creative Mechanics Shop to see them for yourself!


Long live Mata Nui! Keep on building, play well.


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