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Full Metal Mayhem!

A ragtag team of robots struggling for survival traverse beneath the earth’s surface in a gargantuan underground submarine, evading mysterious monsters lurking on the barren surface.

As the robots’ world tarries on the brink of extinction, a hero arises among them. Surgy, a young mechanic, sets out to save his people by building an unstoppable mechanical warrior to defeat the monsters that assault them.

Salvation is close at hand, but before Surgy succeeds his whole world crashes against him.

Dark secrets of the past reveal themselves, and Surgy discovers that he has been tricked and betrayed. The invincible warrior he created turns against him, and Surgy is hunted by a threat more deadly than anything he’s ever faced.

Will Surgy overcome the true monsters in his life, or will he forever remain in a world down below?


About the comic

“My name is Eden, creator of Down Below. This series has been in production since early 2014, evolving from a short film idea to a massive in-depth comic book in less than a year.

In summer of 2014, a pilot issue of Down Below was written and later released at the Salt Lake Comic Con. In January of 2015, official production on the series began.

Since the idea sparked to life, the script has been written and re-written many times, and has proven to be the most challenging personal project I’ve ever undertaken, especially considering it’s the first graphic novel I’ve ever written. It’s been a quite the beast to tackle, but it’s my sincere wish that one day I’ll see it completed and resting snugly on bookshelves among other books I’ve grown to love. It’s nothing more than having the satisfaction of sharing a great story with people everywhere.

Adventure awaits!”

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