Custom Kanohi

Hand Painted Bionicle Masterpieces

Transforming classic Lego heroes into never-before-seen territory

Here are the latest updates to a long line of custom Bionicle figures! Each one of these small Lego pieces were hand painted and weathered. All of these masks have since been auctioned off online to Bionicle fans around the world. 

Live streams of the painting process can be found here:


Learn more about Lego Bionicle here:


Eanimation Returns!


Nostalgia Returns!

Eanimation, one of most memorable Brickfilming channels reopens it’s doors.

Did you know that I used to maintain a popular Brickfilm page on YouTube named Eanimation? This channel was where I posted an entire repertoire of Lego Stop Motion films, including such classics as Lego Star Wars, An Average Death Star Day  and Indiana Scones, and The Quest for The Platinum Waffle.

After almost 7 years of leaving the channel untouched, I have returned to breath life into it once again!

Watch the maiden return announcement here: 


I was also very surprised to learn that the Official Brickfilms Wiki page has a bio about me! Wow!

I’ll be updating the Eanimation YouTube page with current projects that will also be featured on my Instagram and Facebook Page

Keep on rocking!…

Pop Culture Con, Here I Come!

Creative Mechanics Is Coming To Pop Culture Con!

June 9th: Eleve Event Center, Utah. Be there or be not there. 

Are you a fan of Pop Culture? Or are you a local Utahn who has boredom to be quelled? Then come by Pop Con and chill with me!  I’ll be bringing a bring new slew of art prints, along with copies of my books “The Phantom Tide” and “Ster Werz Sketches“. 

And who knows! Maybe you’ll also see a guest appearance of Grasshopper and Surgy… 


Creative Mechanics will be at FanX 2018!

Salt Lake Comic Con, here I come!

Creative Mechanics is making another debut at FanX

On September 6-8 2018 I’ll be one of the lucky artists to exhibit and sell art in the FanX Artist Alley. It may not be as prestigious as it sounds, but it will be the only place where I’ll be selling my last copies of “Ster Werz Sketches” and “The Phantom Tide”. More details to come!

Stunning Bionicle Illustrations

Stunning Bionicle Illustrations

Classic Bionicle toys brought back to life in stunning illustrations!

In 2001, The Lego Group unveiled to the world a new league of action figures called Bionicle, cybernetic heroes on a quest to save their doomed island from the clutches of the evil Makuta. The series was so popular, it single-handedly saved Lego from a 10 year financial crisis. 

Nearly 17 later, this Lego fandom has stood the test of time, with fans worldwide continuing to celebrate the ingenuity and sheer coolness of the Bionicle saga. 

Today, I brand myself as one of those childhood fans, and contribute to the phenomenon with illustrative recreations of the original toy heroes that started it all. Enjoy!

 Click to enlarge:

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And now, for the first time ever, these illustrations are available for sale as art prints! If you want to get your hand on a copy, head over to the Creative Mechanics Shop to see them for yourself!


Long live Mata Nui! Keep on building, play well.


More Illustration

Contact the Artist here


Secret Storyboard Archive?

“Is that all the storyboards you’ve done? It isn’t! Where are they?”

It is true, the remainder of my storyboards have been locked away in a hidden vault, but now you can view them all!

I originally uploaded all my storyboard sequences to a Blogspot website, and frankly didn’t do much with it. But now… you can visit it yourself!

Check it here!

Or you can visit my classic storyboard page, where the good stuff is.

eden sanders art storyboard storyboards


Online shop is up and running!

For the first time ever, my comic con art prints are going for sale online! 

Now from the comfort of your own apartment, evil lair, or undersea fortress, you too can order quality art prints from the prestigious InPrnt headquarters.

“This is a gallery-quality giclĂ©e art print on 100% cotton rag archival paper, printed with archival inks. Each art print is listed by sheet size and features a minimum one-inch border.”

That is quality indeed! Visit it for yourself here: Creative Mechanics Art Gallery

Welcome to Eden Sanders Art!


Something here is new…

Let me be the first to bid you welcome to my new and improved art central hub!

Feel free to browse through some laugh-inducing storyboards, or examine some strange and exotic illustrations. Or if you’ve been looking for a charming, mild-mannered artist to storyboard your next project, or sketch out your Dungeons and Dragons character, just reach out with a contact form!

Thanks for swinging on by!…