SUSE Lego Batman’s Batcave

An animated short derived from RadioWest episode 9, “GRIMM” recorded by the wonderful Plan B theater company.
Listen to original radioshow.
Animation done by Eden Sanders and Erik Lechtenberg on ToonBoom.
LEGO Robin is great, but Batman calls on a SUSE Master Builder to secure his crime fighting servers and save Gotham from the evil Bane — Using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, of course. Animation by Eden Sanders.

Silver Fox: Subtle Sleuth

Cyborg Shrimp: The Rise of Doctor Calamari

Private Eye “Silver Fox” retraces his steps in search of clues. Animated and modeled in Maya by Autodesk. Doctor Calamari creates a giant cyborg shrimp to help him conquer the world, but his monster turns against him. Created by UVU sophomore animation program. Character design and some animation by Eden Sanders.

Spilled Milk!

Schlotz Blox: A Novell ZENworks Success Story

Ever tried to knock down those pesky lead bottles at carnivals? Meet a man who will go to any length to win the prize. A stop-motion animation by Eden Sanders and Erik Lechtenberg. 3rd place winner in animation at the Utah High School Film Festival 2010. A mock Lego success story, featured at a recent Sales Summit in Orlando.

PACMAN: Private Eye

The Last Confession

What if Pacman took place in the 1940’s crime noir film era? A short film by Eden Sanders, Stefania, Charlie, Shane, and Michael. Mystery! Murder! Confessions! A short film adapted from Peter Shaffer’s Amadeus, starring Barrett Ogden and Matthew Wade Johnson. Directed by Eden Sanders.

Creative Mechanics Logo Animation

Creative Mechanics Gear Sequence

A sample Creative Mechanics Gear Sequence, created by Eden Sanders in After Effects A sample Creative Mechanics Gear Sequence, created by Eden Sanders in After Effects

Ball Bounce Surprise Animation

Brick Drop Animation Test

A traditional animation featuring a bouncing ball… with a twist. A short animation depicting a young child putting his new slingshot to the test.

Ninja Meat

Out of Reach

Ninjas! Zombie mummies! Giant cobras! A stop-motion animation showcase. By Eden Sanders and Erik Lechtenberg. (Voices have been omitted) What if the only thing you ever wanted was always just out of reach? An animated 3D short by Eden Sanders.

TRIX hunger

What would you do to open a box of cereal? A stop-motion animation by Eden Sanders.