Eanimation Returns!


Nostalgia Returns!

Eanimation, one of most memorable Brickfilming channels reopens it’s doors.

Did you know that I used to maintain a popular Brickfilm page on YouTube named Eanimation? This channel was where I posted an entire repertoire of Lego Stop Motion films, including such classics as Lego Star Wars, An Average Death Star Day  and Indiana Scones, and The Quest for The Platinum Waffle.

After almost 7 years of leaving the channel untouched, I have returned to breath life into it once again!

Watch the maiden return announcement here: 


I was also very surprised to learn that the Official Brickfilms Wiki page has a bio about me! Wow!


I’ll be updating the Eanimation YouTube page with current projects that will also be featured on my Instagram and Facebook Page

Keep on rocking!